Sometimes It Hurts

I read it, I heard it, I tell my kids this in so many words – I suppose it’s advice to which I should adhere: Tell God where it hurts. Such a simple concept, yet sometimes, to follow it for myself… Well, that’s another story entirely…

Tell God where it hurts.

But don’t we attempt this? When we cast all our cares up Him? Or, don’t we? Do we trust Him enough to give Him all of aches, pains, anxieties, fears, doubts… Without taking matters into our own hands? Do we truly trust Him to supply our every need – enough at least to tell Him where it hurts, so He can come in and begin to mend and heal the hurting places?

Don’t mind me, I’m speaking to myself more than anything…

Today I sat down, took a long reflective look at me, and decided to be honest with not only Him, but also me. I decided to tell Him where it hurts for me. One thing I realized is that it can be rather difficult to admit that, I hurt or this thing is hurting me. But, He already knows! There is no shame. The only way to receive healing is to open my mouth and speak.

I don’t have to wear a smile. Give the fake, “I’m okay.” When inside we both know, I’m in pain… It’s not that I do this intentionally, it’s just that it’s been so long, that I have been so busy trying convince everyone around me, that I forgot to be honest with Him – forgot to be honest with me.

Standing in His presence with my aching exposed, telling God, This is where it hurts. Makes the load lighter and the burden easier to carry. No longer will I try to do things my way. I was never meant to carry it, never meant to feel this way. When we keep our hands on it – lean to our own understandings, try to fix it our own way, we only make a mess of things. It doesn’t remove the pain. But casting our cares on Himtelling God where it hurts… Well, I have found that’s the only way we can truly be free and rediscover our joy.

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