Oh Baby

There is nothing quite like having a baby in your arms. It was a wonderful way to end my day. Having these miracles in my arms.

I’m not an expert on what it is to be a parent, so I do my best not to give advice… However, there is one piece of advice I feel compelled to share: Enjoy this time because it goes by so quickly.

As we celebrate my baby’s birthday, she is now officially a “tween,” I find it rather interesting, how many of friends are only now beginning their parenthood journeys. I do rather enjoy it, being able to love on their babies.

Still, I’m entering all new stages with my kiddos – exciting stages, and I find I have so much to learn. Each kid is so different and what I endured with one at an age, is not the same with another kiddo. Still, it’s exciting. I feel as though I’m learning and growing with them.

Admittedly, there are moments when I miss when they were my little babies, and fit in my arms… I’m glad that they are growing and excelling. And, no matter how old they are, they will continue to be my babies ♥️

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