Let This Be The Year

I turned 34 on Sunday. The lessons I have learned – rather the lesson I’m currently learning is: No matter how old I am, I still have so much to learn.

I joked with my kids, Is this the year – 34 – where I have to start dressing more mature, get rid of my fun leggings and act more mature? My darling eldest daughter replied, No, you’re not middle-aged yet. *Smile*

What is middle-aged? Isn’t age just a number? Aren’t we only as old, or young, as we feel?

I don’t know much of anything about life and such, so going into 34, I said a prayer: God, let this year be unlike the previous 33. Let there be a change in me, where I listen to what You say and I don’t worry about what they say. Let this be the year where I don’t take matters into my own hands, but I learn to trust in You. Let this be the year that I don’t hold onto what I’m supposed to surrender to You. Because, Father, I want this year to be better than all the years that came before.

Photo by: KayBee05


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